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My real name is Rachel Langley.

As Austen Shepherd, I write stories of faith.

In Exodus 28, when the LORD is instructing His people on how to make the holy garments for Aaron and his sons, He tells them, “You shall make them for glory and beauty” (28:40, ESV). He doesn’t just want them to be functional, to serve a purpose, but He wants them to be beautiful as well. This gives us a glimpse into the nature of our Creator. As I strive to reflect Him, I hope the things I create will be for glory and for beauty too.

I’m a big believer that Christ followers should read more fiction. It’s good for us sometimes to get lost in the stories of others, to find our human selves there, to explore the intricacies of our Creator through the stories of the ones who bear His image. My ultimate objective in this life is to bring heaven to earth as much as possible. And since writing is the gift that God has given me, I hope to do that through characters and story.

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I want women in the church who are still single, and married women who were single for longer than they expected, to feel seen and heard in Walls and Doors. I want this book to be relatable across denominations, for the characters to feel like familiar friends, and for their stories to be a comforting reminder that we are never alone.

“Even though I’m no longer single, I still understood very much the feelings of Dahlia and Jina in their journey, and it’s something many young women are dealing with in the Church right now. I saw myself in several of the characters, reflecting on my journey with Christ and marriage up to now. I loved that about it.”

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